Wednesday 5 August 2020
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Turquia: Rachael Adams se apresenta ao Aydin

Foto: Reprodução/Instagram

Pelas redes sociais, Rachael Adams confirmou a chegada à Turquia. Depois de uma temporada ausente das quadras para se recuperar de uma lesão, ela acertou contrato com o Aydin e já participou das primeiras atividades com o novo clube. Entre 2016 e 2018, a central norte-americana vestiu a camisa do agora rival Eczacibasi VitrA.

Adams atuará ao lado da oposto Meryem Boz, eleita a MVP do pré-olímpico europeu, realizado em janeiro. Ela foi a responsável direta pela classificação turca aos jogos de Tóquio, no ano que vem.

O Aydin buscou fortalecer o elenco para brigar entre os grandes. Além de renovar com a ponteira holandesa Maret Balkestein, chega para a posição a grega Anthi Vasilantonaki (ex-Galatasaray).


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How I planned for my last 6-8 months to go: . Join team USA summer 2019 and kick butt all summer, play professionally in Japan and be an hour and a half away from Alex (my contract was signed), come back and work to join the team for 2020 Olympics, and get married on June 19th 2021 in Mexico (originally chose 2021 so it wouldn’t be same summer as the 2020 Olympics) . How my last 6-8 months really went: . Joined team USA summer 2019 and my knee was swollen all summer, so I got scope surgery/scope/knee cleaned (in September) and was 138383 miles away from Alex while I rehabbed, Olympics got postponed until July 2021 (currently training for the Olympics in a garage 🏡), and our wedding and Olympics are now one month apart. . 😂 what can ya do? I keep posting this quote, “when things don’t go as planned, trust the re-route” ✨ because that’s what I’ve learned to do over the past few months. Trust, focus on what I can control, adapt, and take everything one day at a time💪🏽 . I know there are WAY, WAY bigger things and personal challenges going on in the world besides my plans getting laughed at by life but I’m sharing in hopes that someone else can find peace, joy and acceptance amidst their uncertainty, plans, and life changes. And to hopefully find gratitude in what you may have: health, family, or the privilege to stay home. 🏡♥️ we’re all in this together.

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